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Jan 17, 2013 7:00am PST
staff is likely to be dennis mcdone mcdonogh. he would replace jack lew. >>> uc students say they will be at the regents' meeting this morning to petition lifting caps on health benefits. and jerry bro unwill be there -- jerry brown will be there. a group of students calling for uc to eliminate the cap as called for in president obama a.m. healthcare overhaul. currently, the plan has a lifetime coverage cap of $had00 -- of $400,000. a student group says that's not enough to cover a serious chronic illness. >>> in ireland and britain, an irish meat processor now recalling 10 million burgers. investigators found one burger out of 27 contained 29% horse meat. >> we're told what the label says and then there's also things not there. it's a bit worrying, isn't it? how much can you trust? >> it's also possible not to -- not to want to end the climate, some have cut corners and horse meat has been supplied. >> authorities say the horse meat is not a danger to the public. >>> 7:21. warmer weather ahead. but what about rain? up next, meteorologist steve paulson will tell us if he sees any preci
Jan 19, 2013 7:00am PST
. >>> the raiders reportedly hired greg olson from jacksonville. he will work under coach dennis allen. he has six years experience in the nfl. he was hired after a lengthy interview process. >>> curry will have more treatment on his left ankle to see if he can play tonight. the spurs victory was the 28th straight time they have beaten the warriors at the alamodome. >>> well, today, the cal men's basketball team will travel to stanford. you can see the game on our sister station, tv 36. tip off at 1:30. >>> oakland a's fans have something to look forward to. the team is holding the fan fest. according to the website, the tickets for the fan test are sold out. >>> and a piece of television history is being put up for sale. the bat mobile is up for grabs in scotts dale, arizona. george barris bought the car for $1 in 196 a and he customized it for the series. it's expected to rake in 7 figures. >>> let's see what we're looking like outside right now. >>> good morning to you. the temperatures are continuing to warm. getting into the 10:00 hour, we will be feeling pretty good, low 50s 060s. at
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2